Visual SI Advanced is now Dragonfly Pro!

Introducing Dragonfly Pro, the latest renamed release of Visual SI Advanced. Dragonfly Pro is our commitment to making Visual SI Advanced more powerful and intuitive for our users. Explore the details on this site, watch the training videos, and most importantly see for yourself by downloading the free trial. You'll find that Dragonfly Pro brings you from raw data to rich results in less time, with ease. Dragonfly Pro adds the following features.
  • Easy to use
  • Python scripting for total control
  • Scout-and-Zoom for efficient multi-scale
  • Extensive quantification toolkit
  • 2D histographic segmentation
  • Stunning graphics engine

Visualize, explore, and quantify your data with Dragonfly Pro

Dragonfly Pro from Object Research Systems (ORS) is an advanced analysis software solution for 3D data acquired by a variety of technologies including X-ray microscopy and FIB-SEM. Using advanced visualization techniques and state-of-the-art volume rendering, Dragonfly Pro enables high-definition exploration into the details and properties of 3D datasets. It offers 2D and 3D image filtering modules and thresholding. Segmentation can be performed automatically or with user assistance generating 3D surface reconstruction to visualize and measure properties, including areas, volumes, counts, distributions, and orientations.

Dragonfly Pro delivers cutting-edge 3D imaging and analysis techniques with high display speeds and the ability to handle large datasets.

Customize with Python scripting

Dragonfly Pro now enables Python scripting - a powerful feature that allows users customize their data processing and visualization needs. Users now have access to the data channels and properties within the interface creating a limitless post-processing environment.

Easy to use

Dragonfly Pro is easy to use. With minutes of experience, you can explore, navigate, and annotate your dataset. In a few hours, gain control of more advanced tools such as image processing, segmentation, object analysis, and movie making. Use our compact, topic-specific training videos to familiarize yourself with Dragonfly Pro in the shortest amount of time.

Multi-scale visualization of corrosion damage of a magnesium alloy. Imaged by ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra and ZEISS Crossbeam 540.
Courtesy of the University of Manchester

Visualization of connected (blue) and isolated (red) porosity of a thermal barrier coating. Imaged by ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra.
Courtesy of Chalmers University

High-impact visualization

  • Render volumes in high definition
  • Flexibly inspect multi-planar slices
  • Achieve high quality surface rendering

Image processing and segmentation

  • Extensive image processing toolkit
       - Arithmetic filters
       - Smoothing
       - Morphology
       - Edge detection
       - Shading correction
       - Contrast adjustment
       - Sharpening
       - Threshold techniques
       - Texture analysis
  • Apply intuitive masking operations
  • Novel segmentation tool options

  • User-interactive inspection

  • Measure distances, angles, and paths
  • Annotate features to highlight important findings
  • Investigate intensity with spot-probes and line profiles
  • Use histogram tools for statistical analysis
  • Select magnifying glass for fast multi scale visualization and inspection

Showcase your results

  • Reveal key insights with high-resolution
  • Tell dynamic stories with easy-to-produce animations and fly-through/zoom movies
           - On-screen playback directly within
            Dragonfly Pro
           - Captured in a stack of image files
            (JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG)
           - Produced directly to an AVI file

Customize with Python

  • Access the Python scripting console to make Dragonfly Pro your own
  • Build new features
  • Script routines
  • Customize the environment to suit the needed workflows of your research

Correlative ready

  • Bring multiple datasets into the same workplace supporting ZEISS Scout and Zoom multi-modal techniques


  • Study volume metrics including porosity, particle/void analysis
  • Measure surface areas
  • Measure min, max, and mean intensity values and standard deviation
  • Profile intensity distribution within selected areas

Import data

  • Image formats: ZEISS TXM, TIFF, BMP, RAW
  • Mesh formats: 3D studio Max, ASCII, BREP, CS FDB, DirectX, IGES, OBJ, PLY, STEP, STL, VRML, VTK polydata (VTK), VTK polydata XML (VTP), VTK unstructured grid (VTK), Mesh, ORS XML

Export data

  • Image formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, DDS, DIB, HDR, PFM
  • Mesh formats: Direct X, OpenInventor 2.0, STL, VRML, WaveFront, VTK, MESH, ORS XML, PLY
  • Save session: XML
  • Save high DPI poster-size images in a variety of formats

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About Dragonfly Pro

Dragonfly Pro is a powerful 3D visualization and segmentation software package, ideal for post-processing of XRM, FIB-SEM, SEM, and HIM tomography datasets. Dragonfly organizes and delivers the features you need to accomplish meaningful results without wasting time.

The best way to understand Dragonfly Pro is to start using it

Using advanced visualization techniques and state-of-the-art volume rendering Dragonfly Pro enables high-quality insight into the details and properties of 3D datasets.

It offers 2D and 3D image filtering modules, thresholding, and automated or assisted segmentation with 3D surface reconstruction to visualize and measure properties including areas, volumes, counts, distributions, and orientations.

Get started quickly with the online instructional videos!

Go to to the Instructional Videos tab, and fill out the form for access to over 90 minutes of training, starting with a Quick Start Basic Training.

System hardware recommendations

  • Windows 7 or greater (64-bit versions)
  • Multi-core CPU
  • Workstation-class dedicated 3D graphics card (Nvidia Quadro or ATI FireGL)
  • RAM sized at >2x typical dataset size

Download Dragonfly product brochure and view training videos

Visual SI Advanced Customers have access to Dragonfly Pro!

Existing Visual SI Advanced Customers have complimentary access to the initial version of Dragonfly Pro. Both software packages will run independently on your Visual SI Advanced workstation as you make your transition to Dragonfly Pro. Keep your Visual SI Advanced software running as long as you like, it is a perpetual license. However, all feature improvements and continued development will be performed on Dragonfly Pro. We encourage you to transition and be part of its Python functionality and growing user community!

As an existing user, getting started is simple:
  • Download the Dragonfly Pro trial installer from this website onto the workstation that runs your activated version of Visual SI Advanced
  • Upon installation, the Dragonfly Pro software will activate via your existing license key
Be sure to view the newly-produced Dragonfly Pro training videos. All topics from Visual SI Advanced have been reworked in the Dragonfly Pro interface. There are additional training videos available that showcase new features that Dragonfly Pro has to offer. Please begin with the Quick Start Basic Training.

Existing Visual SI Advanced Customer FAQs:

I'm an existing VSI Advanced customer without a current annual maintenence contract. Can I still get Dragonfly Pro?
Yes, regardless of where you stand with your annual maintenence contract, you have complimentary access to the initial version of Dragonfly Pro. This does not reactivate or extend the terms of your maintenance contract.

Do I need to upgrade my workstation to support Dragonfly Pro?
No, Dragonfly Pro will run on your existing Visual SI Advanced workstation with dedicated professional graphics. Please note that Dragonfly Pro is not supported by integrated laptop graphics.

Do I have to run Dragonfly Pro on the same workstation that runs Visual SI Advanced?
Yes, Dragonfly Pro must be run on the same workstation as you are currently running Visual SI Advanced. If you need to transfer to another workstation, transfer both software through the activation/deactivation process.

Do I still have access to the Visual SI Advanced training videos?
Yes, they can be found on the training videos tab of this webpage

Can I still buy additional licenses of Visual SI Advanced?
Yes, contact your ZEISS sales representative. Please note that additional feature developments will be performed on the Dragonfly Pro platform.

Rendering performed in Dragonfly Pro. Imaged by ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa.

Dragonfly Pro

Easy to Use Visualization and Analysis Software with Python Scripting Capability
Exclusive to ZEISS


Dragonfly Pro

By Object Research Systems                 2018